Online Security Policy

Security is a priority at Western Asset Management. We are committed to protecting the security and confidentiality of your information. We use a combination of state-of-the-art technology and methods to ensure that your online sessions are secure.
Browser - Western Asset's standards are among the highest of companies on the Internet. For accessing our secure applications, such as Western Asset Online, Western Asset requires that your browser support SSL, and does not allow information to be stored on your hard drive unless you specifically download it and save it on your computer.
Internet Security Measures - Any personal information you send to us is encrypted. This technology, called Secure Socket Layers (SSL), protects information you submit or receive through this site. Any sensitive personal information that you send to our web site is held in a secured environment, protected by tools such as firewalls and/or database field encryption.
Encryption Standards - All communication between your computer and Western Asset during a Western Asset Online session is scrambled with the highest level of encryption available for today's popular browsers. Encryption is the process of translating meaningful communication into undecipherable code and then back into meaningful communication.
To ensure a high level of security when accessing Western Asset Online, we require the use of 128-bit SSL encryption. It ensures that communication between you and Western Asset cannot be translated by anyone without the correct keys. This level of security is available for Netscape Navigator®, Microsoft Internet Explorer®, and America Online® browsers free of charge. This level of encryption is so strong that Federal regulations prevent us from sending it to any addresses outside the United States.
Technically, using 128-bit encryption means that each time you log in to Western Asset Online, your computer is assigned a “key” made up of a string of 128 zeros and ones. All messages from your computer to our systems are then coded based on this “key”, but they can only be decoded using Western Asset’s equivalent 128-digit “key”. It is never transmitted on any open network, since it resides only on our system. It’s important to note that each time you log in, a different “key” is assigned, so that anyone attempting to break through the encryption algorithm would have to start over from scratch every time you use Western Asset Online. To put that into perspective, a 128-bit key has 2128 possible combinations (that’s 340,282,366,920,938,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 different possibilities).
Firewall - Western Asset uses firewalls to help limit entry by anyone without proper authorization. A firewall is a security mechanism that regulates the data going in and out of a network. It is a commonly used, specialized computer which acts as a shield against data going in or out of a network. It checks to make sure that communications only occur between approved individuals and that the communication is in the proper protocol.
You can also play an important role in maintaining your security: If you feel your account or Password has been compromised at any time, let us know immediately by contacting your Client Service Executive. Do not send us this information via e-mail.